Is PayByPhone the same as RingGo?

Now more than ever, mobile forms of payment have become useful to not only gamblers but also to internet users as a whole. People these days tend to use their smartphone for almost everything. In the process, they may end up making their purchases through the phone. Mobile-friendliness has never been this crucial to websites. And online shops and e-commerce sites have noticed this, too.

Two mobile payment methods introduced by websites include PayByPhone and RingGo. We’ll explain the difference between these two methods and their relevance, if any, to you as a gambler.

Is PayByPhone the same as RingGo

Pay by Phone

Depositing money to the casino using your smartphone hasn’t always been easy. Not long ago players would log in to their casino accounts through their PCs, and try to make their deposit through this avenue. Sometimes, you could use different methods to deposit your cash using your phone, and it worked. Other times, it just didn’t. You can see that depositing was a tedious process.

These days, the process is less hectic. And we have Pay by Phone casinos to thank for that. Pay by Phone is a method that allows you to deposit cash into your casino account through your phone, and charges the deposit fees in your phone bill later. It’s an easy and super reliable route.

Why Do We Have Pay by Phone?

Unlike olden times, more people are using their smartphones to gamble instead of their laptops. This is as a result of several casinos offering mobile platforms, and the casino industry modernizing altogether. And while platforms have modernized and improved, payment has always been a thorny issue for players.

Casino regulations are constantly changing. Smaller payment companies are always shutting down, without notice. These two, and other reasons, have made the payment to and from casinos chaotic for many years.

Additionally, new casino sites are charged heavily by processors for gambling transactions, meaning they’re not making a lot of profit. Due to this, the gambling industry has always been on the look-out for better alternatives to the monopolies that are credit card companies.

As the years have gone by, several companies have come up and assumed the role of the ”better alternative”. PayPal, for some time, basked in the glory, until it was bought by eBay, and given a 30-day notice to stop all gaming transactions.

Netteller and Skrill have proved to be effective, but they’re not accessible to all the players, and their registration processes are lengthy.

Now we’re only left with cryptocurrencies. While Bitcoin, and its fellow currencies, are a great technological advancement and will be useful in the future, they’re currently too volatile for casino players to use. Plus, not everyone knows how they work.

Enter pay by phone. Introduced a few years ago, it has quickly become the go-to method for most players and seems it will be for many more years.




RingGo, just like Paybyphone, is a mobile phone service used for making payments. The difference, however, is that unlike Paybyphone whose applications can be used in casinos, RingGo is solely for cashless parking. The latter allows you to pay for parking using your debit and credit card.

RingGo has designated parking areas, and if you’re in any of them, you can contact them by their app, call, or SMS, and instantly pay for parking there.

If you’ve parked your car in an unfamiliar place, you can use the app for directions. You can also receive an alert informing you that your parking is almost running out, therefore avoiding hefty fines.

Final Thoughts

So, are they the same? No, they’re not. The only similarity that they share is that they’re mobile paying platforms. Other than that, they are different.