At PayByPhoneCasino, our mission is to provide players with a go-to gambling affiliate site where they can get trusted, transparent and factual information about the best casinos to play at. While we provide this content for free to our readers, it does come at a cost to us. We use affiliate programmes to help us maintain our site and continue providing top-quality content. This comes at no cost to you, but the small commission received each time a reader uses our links helps to keep us going.

We are 100% honest about our funding, and you can read more below about how this works plus why this is the funding method we have chosen.


Affiliate Funding System Explained

Not sure exactly how affiliate funding systems work? The concept is simple, easy and you will most likely have used it in the past without even realising! This is essentially a commission programme where we are compensated for sending players to that casino should they decide to sign up, deposit and play. This is only a small amount of money, but it keeps our site running and retains its independence. Affiliate links are used not just in the online gambling world but across almost every industry and are a reliable and trusted form of site funding.


Why PayByPhoneCasino Uses Affiliate Links

There are different options that we can use to fund our website. However, we choose to use the affiliate links function. We chose this funding system for the following reasons:

  1.       Annoying adverts – most players will know what we are talking about when we mention annoying adverts that follow you around websites and interrupt your experience on the site. We ensure our site never has to rely on adverts, and so instead, we use an affiliate link funding system. This means no adverts will appear when reading our content to give you the best possible experience
  2.       No outside influence – we pride ourselves on giving readers honest and transparent content that is in no way influenced by any outside sources. As we do not receive any compensation for our reviews, using an affiliate system helps us to maintain and grow our website to keep providing you with the very best content available
  3.       Reliable income – our top priority is providing players with fantastic reviews that they can trust, but we cannot offer this content unless we have money to keep the site running. Affiliate links allow us to give you the best possible information to make your online gambling experience great and you can rely on our content being here when you most need it

Affiliate links are by far the best option for a gambling content site such as ours as we can rely on this funding to ensure our site is regularly funded and maintained without compromising on our work.


Join Us as a Contributor

Would you like to make a contribution to PayByPhoneCasino? Then please get in touch! We are always happy to welcome new contributors to the site and will ensure your sensitive information is not shared. This means you can leave the irritating ads in the past while maintaining your influence.

Get in touch with our team today to get your affiliate link. The team here at PayByPhoneCasino will be in touch with you as soon as possible.