How Safe Are Boku Transactions?

Boku is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for mobile casino players to fund their hobby. It allows players to add the cost of the deposit to their mobile phone bill, which is then paid as normal when their bill arrives. Aside from its convenience, the other reason why so many people use Boku is the fact that it’s so safe and secure. But what exactly makes this payment method one of the safest depositing options around? Keep on reading and you’ll find out…

Never Give Out Card Details

The main reason why Boku is so safe is simple to point out: you never have to input your banking details. We don’t just mean at the casino – we mean anywhere, so your card details will never find themselves floating around the world wide web. This is clearly very important as, although unlikely, there is a chance that card details can fall into the wrong hands – something that can lead to you losing a lot of money indeed. Paying using your phone bill is the only way to avoid inputting card details, aside from Paysafecard.

Confirmation of Transactions

Another great safety feature used by Boku is the fact that you have to confirm any transaction you make by following the instructions sent to you via text message. This means that it’s not possible for unscrupulous people to use your phone number fraudulently and run up a large mobile phone bill for you. It might add an extra 30 seconds to the depositing process, but everyone should realise that this extra 30 seconds really is necessary.

Privacy Protection

Boku has a full and transparent privacy policy, which you can read by visiting their privacy page. In this page, they outline the fact that they keep all your personal details secure and, just as importantly, that they never share any details with third parties. The fact that you have to give such a small amount of information to them initially means that they couldn’t really pass on many details even if they wanted to though. What’s more, all personal information stored about you is deleted two years after you stop using the service.

Restricted Deposit Amounts

It might not seem like it in the first place, but the restrictions Boku place on how much you can deposit can also help keep you safe. It’s only possible to deposit a maximum of £30 a day using this method, and this means that you can never overspend or accidentally make a larger deposit than you intended. Also, if someone were able to use your phone number to make Boku deposits fraudulently – something that is exceedingly unlikely – they’d only be able to steal a small amount of money. So, while the deposit limit is annoying for some, it also has an upside!

We Only Recommend Properly Licenced Casinos

Finally, it has to be said that we only recommend Boku casino sites that are licenced and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. This means that all sites on our list of recommended places to play comply with legal requirements. The UKGC will keep a constant eye on any casino it oversees, and this ensures that these casinos can’t do anything underhand or illegal – something that means you can play at a safe and honest casino website.