Can You Pay Someone on PayPal Without an Account?

These days casinos have incorporated easy, secure, and reliable methods for depositing and withdrawing your cash. Among these methods is PayPal. There’s no doubt that PayPal is a leading payment method, not only because of its huge popularity but also because of the benefits it provides.

A doubt many users have, however, is whether they can transact using PayPal, even if they’re not actual account owners.

In the article below, we’ll answer this question in detail.

Can You Pay Someone on PayPal Without an Account


Why Use PayPal

As long as your preferred casino site supports PayPal, the e-wallet should at least be one of your top payment methods. It offers a fast and transparent avenue for making deposits and withdrawals when gambling. It ensures your money is safe and makes it easier for you to transact in seconds.

Given that your PayPal account only displays your email address, you don’t have to worry about any of your crucial financial data leaking from the casino operator, and therefore you can sleep well knowing you’re safe from identity theft.

While PayPal has been growing in popularity, not all UK casino sites support the payment method. That’s why we always list the best, up-to-date sites with PayPal as banking solutions. Expect sites that don’t impose any additional costs, and give you the freedom to transact instantly and safely.


How to pay someone without a PayPal account

1. Visit your favourite casino site. Click on the link displayed as ”PayPal”. You can then choose either ”Continue” or ”Submit” depending on your casino site. This is before you can proceed to the payment screen.

2. Search for the section for users who don’t have PayPal accounts. It’s right there on the payment section. Then proceed to the ”continue checkout” link. Click the link, and it will take you to the credit card input stage.

3. Key in your details, and billing address on the input screen. You can also give out your credit card information. Select ”review payment” as soon as you’re done.

4. Go through all the information you’ve inputted and make sure they’re all correct – this data will be displayed on the page. In case you notice some errors, you can edit by clicking on ”change” that may appear down on your screen. Once you ensure that everything is correct, and you’re satisfied with your counter-check, you can then select ”pay now” and finalize your transaction.


Fees & Timeframes

In normal circumstances, you won’t incur any additional fees when transferring cash to your casino account through PayPal. It’s only PayPal that can charge you any extra costs, and not the casino.

Depositing through the e-wallet is free. Withdrawing, on the other hand, may have its fees depending on where you’re transacting from.

If you’re from the UK, you can only withdraw cash to your valid UK bank account, or through a Visa card. Luckily, the first option is free of charge. The latter one, however, is more convenient because it allows casino players from all over the world to withdraw their earnings. If you’re from any of the EU countries, you’re not charged any fees by the e-wallet, but in some cases, you can incur almost 3.4% of earnings as transaction fees. Luckily, with PayPal, you can receive cash instantly after withdrawing your money from the casino.


Some casinos offer special bonuses after using PayPal

Apart from the reliability and security that comes from PayPal, you can also get extra bonuses for depositing using the payment method. Some casinos actually have worthwhile rewards for their players who transact via PayPal. These rewards can either come in the form of extra cash or free spins. Either way, you should always be on the lookout for such offers, as they’re rare to find and very rewarding.