15 Apr

Can I Gamble on My Phone?

The advent of the smartphone gave rise to a new era of gambling and online casinos. These online casinos grew rapidly as they garnered interest from not only millions of gamblers but also potential players who frequented the internet. Today, various gamblers prefer online gambling to real-world gambling

Analysts predict that over 60% of online bets are placed on mobile devices. And according to the statistics, this trend seems to only go up every few years. Taking you back to 2011, only 7% of these bets were made using mobile phones, 2014 an increase of 17.4% and in 2016 a whopping 50% of online gambler placed bets on their handsets.

To ensure the continuity of this trend, slot developers have been introducing better, more exciting, and mobile friendlier versions of casino games.

Can I Gamble on My Phone

Benefits of gambling with your phone

  1. It’s Convenient

Gone are the days when you had to sit in anticipation, waiting for that one free day to go have a night out at your favourite casino. No matter where you are, what time of the day it is, so long as you have a stable internet connection you can whip out your phone and play your favourite casino game on your hand-held device. Whether in a queue at the bank, bored or even on your lunch break you can instantly play your favourite mobile casino game


  1. Easy accessibility

Finding a reliable casino has always been a hard task for any gambler. And for amateurs, finding the most suitable game for them, and practising it for hours may be very difficult in real-life casinos. You can always look up reviews and tutorials online, but nothing is ever a substitute for real experience and feel.

But with mobile casinos within a matter of minutes away, you can try out as many casinos as you want. All mobile casinos have demo accounts that offer you fake money to practice for however long you like. This practice allows you to hone your skills for as long as it takes until you’re confident enough in your ability to risk real money

  1. Multiplayer

As the saying goes, the more the merrier. This holds for almost any game and of course, gambling is no exception. Most mobile casinos have multi-player modes that, not only allow you to play against your friends but also with numerous people across the world. Some games have a live chat feature that let you engage in fun conversations with opponents. This enhances the live feel to the player’s experience and does away with the monotony and boredom of playing with the computer.


  1. No download required

With the view of improving customer service, and with constant technological advancements, most mobile casino apps have web-based platforms that offer the same various fun games and features. All you have to do is, open your mobile browser and head to your favourite casino website and start playing. It is quick, easy and saves valuable mobile memory


  1. Numerous deposit options

Mobile casinos allow for a variety of payment options. Most operators allow players to deposit or withdraw money with almost all the most popular e-wallets. Payments are done with almost seamless interfacing which doesn’t even require you to close the app. All you need is to have loaded the casino with money and make your deposits. And depending on the app, the money can either reflect instantly into your account or take its time. All this can be done from the convenience of your home.